8th November 2016


Caltona - Strategy

Strategy Formulation

Strategy formulation and support case studies include:

  • Developed a shared vision and strategy for a telco to capture 15% of the UK telecom fixed line traffic within 5 years including quantifying fixed line market size and segmenting the UK fixed line market.
  • Defined the strategic partners and entry strategy for a Canadian telco infrastructure player to enter the £380m European market including gathering primary and secondary data to quantify and segment the market.
  • Supported the board of a private equity owned company to develop a strategy to stabilise and grow the business to achieve €500m revenue by 2017 via international sales.
  • Created a new strategy for an enterprise software company that resulted in a forecasted 50% increase in revenue over a three year period.
  • Improved net margins by 20% using a sophisticated pricing model to price new contracts, re-price loss making customers and gradually increase customer margins for an industrial services company.
  • Quantified revenue and built a business case for a major telco to offer interactive digital TV.