8th November 2016


Caltona - operating model

Operating Model

Case studies involving operating model improvements include:

  • Achieved £2m pa of procurement savings from an initial target spend of £10m on a contingency fee basis for a publishing company after initially analyzing a total procurement spend of £70m comprising 12 categories.
  • Developed a new market entry operations strategy for a major international retailer entering SE Asia, followed by a pilot in 12 Bangkok stores for over 900 products.
  • Developed an operations improvement strategy to improve quality and on time delivery performance for an international aerospace structures manufacturer.
  • Reduced the inventory holding by 30% and stock items by 60% following an inventory review for a publishing company which determined part stocking policies based on volume, value and demand patterns.
  • Developed a new order to cash and procure to pay process for a Japanese automobile trading organisation which improved margins by 10% due to reduced processing cost and the elimination of pricing errors.
  • Developed a future finance function operating model based on outsourced off shored shared services for a £400m global aviation services client which resulted in a 40% cost saving and reduced reporting.